Who are we?

We are cocktail and wine experts looking to make your life easy with recipes, education, and products to help you become the ultimate entertainer. We realize that going out and entertaining friends on a budget isn’t exactly thrilling. You worry about spending too much, having to befriend the bartender in the hopes that they’ll give you a little extra in your drink, or you’re rushing out the door at 5:30 to make the last call for happy hour at the local dive. We want to help solve that, and it’s simple. Bring the party home. With the right stuff and the right guidance, you can make your living room the ultimate lounge.

We have over a decade of experience in designing and creating bar and wine programs for restaurants. Over that time, we learned how to simplify the process and replicate it at home. We truly believe that the best entertaining always takes place at home. When you have family, friends or your boss over you want to make sure to impress with your hospitality and you want to make sure that each and everyone of them has a memorable experience when coming into your home.

Here at Drink Me to the Moon we offer a wide array of products and information to help you design and build the better and more fun bar in your own home. With suggestions, recipes, professionally used products, and a little education we can help you design the next best bar in the city right in your own home.

“I love booze. When you drink it, you get to travel back in time to when those grapes were picked and bottled, when that scotch was put into its barrel to mature. You get to drink and enjoy the creations from artists across history, and best of all, you can share it.”

Rob Harrah

Founder and CEO of Drink Me to the Moon

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