Hello all and welcome to Drink Me to the Moon! A blog bred for the purpose exposing you to the wide world of booze. Each post will seek to teach you something new about wine, beer, and liquor. We will explore common myths, delve into the history, and discover how these bottled elixirs are made. I want to share my appreciation for the history and the artistry behind distilling, brewing, and fermenting with you all while teaching you a little something as well. I want this to be an interactive experience. I invite you to ask questions, provide your own thoughts (you may know something I don’t), and share your own experiences.

Throughout each post, I will reference to my own taste buds and experiences to provide the best tasting notes and thoughts about what I am writing about. That being said, like art, taste is subjective. You may taste, smell or feel something completely different than what I illustrate in my posts, which is completely normal. If you have any questions, concerns, or if something isn’t tasting right to you, shoot me a comment or an email. I will be happy to help.


Rob Harrah
Founder/ Primary Contributor



**Remember everyone, we’re all adults here and unless your of legal drinking age (21 years of age in USA) please run off and play somewhere else. For those of age, please remember to drink responsibility. Think of drinking not as a crutch to lean on but a means to celebrate. A means to celebrate the little things and the artistry found in the bottle of these fine products we love to consume. This blog is purely informational and its purpose is to help teach you, the reader, the knowledge and the know- how to drinking properly and responsibly. **

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